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Need help achieving PCI compliance in your contact center?

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Compliance Recording

Record Customer Calls and Interactions for Risk Management and Compliance

For years, organizations have recorded customer calls in their contact centers to comply with government regulations, verify sales, and expedite dispute resolution. But compliance recording is evolving in today’s omnichannel environment. Now, organizations must capture interactions in different areas of their businesses, across a variety of communications channels and devices.

Verint offers compliance recording solutions to help organizations meet industry regulations and standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), MiFID II, HIPAA, HITECH.  Our solutions can capture, index, retrieve, store, and archive many types of interactions, including voice, screen, video, mobile, face-to-face, and text.  Contact centers, financial trading centers, bank branches, and other organizations rely on Verint compliance recording solutions to help them achieve legal compliance, resolve disputes, verify sales, and enhance quality and performance.

Verint offers a variety of compliance recording solutions, including:

Verint Interaction Recording—Provides a full-time, enterprise recording and archiving solution to capture voice and text interactions across multiple channels via a single recording system. The solution offers an optional FIPS-compliant key management server, and supports AES-256 in true end-to-end encryption to protect data as it’s recorded, moved to archive, or retrieved during replay.

Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording— Records sales and/or advisory conversations held in branch offices, retail environments, or by field-based advisors meeting at customer locations.

Verint for Financial Compliance—Captures up to 100 percent of interactions including fixed and mobile phone, screen actions, instant messaging, SMS, and data recording in trading floor, branch office, and back-office operations.

Verint Recording for Public Safety – A full-time, multichannel recording and archiving solution for public safety compliance, driving better citizen experiences, and managing liability more effectively.

Learn more about the available call recording options in these data sheets.

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