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You’re facing more scrutiny and more risk. Verint’s 100 percent recording solution can help meet your organization’s trade surveillance requirements.

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Trade Compliance

Capture Interactions Across Channels and Devices

Evolving financial regulations, consumer protection legislation, and the risks—and penalties—associated with fraud have made compliance a top priority in financial services organizations. Capturing interactions is one part of the challenge. Securely retrieving and analyzing that information for trade surveillance, trend analysis, and trade reconstruction are equally important.

But the risks are not limited to trading activity itself. What your employees say at any time through any channel of communication falls within the scope of regulations. Your monitoring needs to be pervasive.

Verint for Financial Compliance provides a single, enterprise recording platform to help trading room, contact center, and financial back-office operations comply with financial regulations and procedures by capturing voice and text interactions across multiple channels.

The solution can record all calls reliably from any communications device used by traders, including dealer boards, traditional PBX telephones, softphones, and mobile devices. It can also capture video and text-based interactions pertaining to trades, both on the trading floor and in back office operations. Additional enterprise communications, such as email, SMS messaging, and IM chat—as well as Skype for Business and Cisco Unified Communications—can all be brought together in Verint’s single, unified multichannel recorder. 

Verint for Financial Compliance can support up to 4,000 channels on a single server, helping reduce the space, energy, and maintenance costs associated with traditional, multi-server recording systems. The solution can be leveraged with other Verint solutions for speech analytics, text analytics, desktop and process analytics, encryption management, and case management, to deliver even greater value for trade surveillance.

From speech and text analytics to voice biometrics, there are many cases in which technology can help minimize your risks.

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Speech Analytics for Financial Trading

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Branch Audio Recording

Verint Branch Audio Recording

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Verint Back-Office Desktop and Process Analytics

Verint Call Recording

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Speech Analytics

Verint Speech Analytics

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Verint Text Analytics

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Verint Desktop and Process Analytics

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Verint Risk and Compliance for Financial Trading

Verint Risk and Compliance for Financial Trading

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