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A single, unified, enterprise-wide workforce management solution to plan, forecast, and optimally schedule employees to match workload across your customer-serving departments.

UNISONO - Workforce Management

Enterprise Workforce Management

Achieve service level, increase productivity, lower cost and balance employee flexibility with Enterprise Workforce Management

Heightened expectations for customer service are challenging many organizations to efficiently manage their employees against the different types and varying volumes of work arriving in their contact center, back-office and branch operations. Organizations often struggle to align the right number of appropriately skilled people to handle work that may arrive as phone calls, web chats, claim forms, loan applications, email, social media posts and people lining up at a branch. In this environment, balancing workload, staffing, and associated processes across different functional areas can be critical for delivering effective customer service.

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management  enables organizations to efficiently plan, forecast, and schedule employees to meet service level goals by leveraging a unified, enterprise workforce management solution. It provides holistic visibility into and manageability of the work, people, and processes across customer touch points.

Work: Manage work of different types – single step, single step to multiple people, multi-step – with different service level expectations.

People: Manage availability of people in different locations along with their skills, proficiencies and preferences and work rules.

Processes: Gain visibility into how work is being done and the status of work items.

Native mobile applications are available for Android and Apple iOS-based devices. These provide select employee-facing and supervisor workforce management and performance management capabilities.

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management’s value increases greatly when used in tandem with Verint Performance Management, and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics. The combination leverages the power of unification with unique pre-built business process workflows, to deliver timely access to insights for faster and better management decision making. 

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management features a broad array of best-of-breed capabilities designed specifically to meet the needs of contact center, back-office and branch operations.

The solution is an integral and unified part of Verint Workforce Optimization, a comprehensive solution set to capture, evaluate, manage and analyze omnichannel customer interactions. It can be deployed on-premises or accessed via the cloud, with flexible licensing to suit your business needs.

See how a major cruise line operator is benefiting from Verint Workforce Management and other products.

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Enterprise Workforce Management

Enterprise Workforce Management

A Holistic Approach to Forecasting Workload and Scheduling Resources Across Functional Areas

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Verint Enterprise Workforce Management

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Verint Performance Management

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Verint Desktop and Process Analytics

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Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization

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